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"We first worked with Estela at Grey on a multi-spot campaign across the country that had a shoestring budget. When we opened our boutique ad agency, Fancy, a few years later, we knew she'd be able to help us provide great value on projects. She's great at explaining the ins and outs of production to clients and has managed to make the process seamless, whether for a pitch, rip, or a full-scale production. We love her and always try to get on her calendar...when she's available!"

Katie Keating & Erica Horvath Fite, Creative Directors & Founders, Fancy LLC

"Estela defines grace under pressure.  She handles herself with such refined dignity, in every situation.  She is fair, but shrewd, in the best sense of the word.  Estela is a very special mix of a “classically trained” agency producer, and a nimble, young, agency producer.  She knows how things are supposed to be done, but also knows how to adapt that “classic” process to today’s client demands." 

Melissa Lubin, Executive Producer, Beast NY

"Estela produced campaigns on two of my accounts. Her calm demeanor is so refreshing in the midst of busy and complicated productions with ever-changing client requests and budget challenges. She is excellent in managing internal and external communications, with the production company and vendors, the agency account and creative teams, and importantly also with the clients -- which truly helps maintain strong confidence and trust in the agency. This was particularly useful in our last production in which many of the talent being filmed were, in fact, our clients."

Lyz Montague, VP Account Director, Grey

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Estela on several projects over the past few years. Estela’s an extremely creative producer who understands the nuances of balance. With the challenges of budgets but the need to deliver we’re able to become great partners in solving the Rubic’s cube. Can’t wait for the next opportunity!"     

Stephen Orent, Managing Partner, Station Film